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The planned attack on Narvik would still go ahead, but that same day the German Blitzkrieg on Holland, Belgium and France was launched. Advance Search, to Find What You Looking For. On the 30th March, Adm Fraser left Scapa Flow with battleships "Duke of York" and "Anson fleet carriers "Victorious" and the old "Furious escort carriers "Emperor "Fencer "Pursuer" and "Searcher cruisers and destroyers, split into two forces, and headed north, partly to cover Russian Convoy. RealEscort V10, is online, we now have No Sex Categories. 27th - Allied plans to attack towards Trondheim and hold central Norway proved impossible. 9th - Germany invaded Denmark and Norway (Operation 'Weserubung : Copenhagen was soon occupied and denmark surrendered. 20th - Dutch submarine O-13 also on passage to her Norwegian patrol area was torpedoed in error by Polish Wilk. Instead, a German convoy was found in the area and three ships sunk. 14th - Submarine tarpon on patrol off southern Norway was sunk by German minesweeper M-6. October 1942 Attack on "Tirpitz" - The German battleship posed such a threat to Russian convoys and held down so much of Home Fleet's strength that almost any measures to immobilise her were justified. Norway, bergen, norway, oslo. One of the screen, glowworm (Lt-Cdr Roope) was detached to search for a man overboard just as 8in-gunned cruiser Admiral Hipper headed into Trondheim. Within a matter of days the first U-boats were sailing from the Norwegian port of Bergen. German forces were well-established in the south and centre of Norway and had control of the air. Throughout the month, seven were sunk and one severely damaged by RAF, rcaf and Norwegian aircraft.

the U-boats passing through the Northern Transit Area off south and west Norway. One ship was lost, but in return the Swordfish of 842 Squadron from "Fencer" sank three with depth charges - "U-277" on the 1st and "U-674" and "U-959" next day. The eight surviving German destroyers bernd VON arnim (BA), diether VON roeder (DR), erich giese (EG), erich koelnner (EK), georg thiele (GT), hans ludemann (HL), hermann kunne (HK) and wolfgang zenker (WZ) were a ll destroyed or scuttled. April 1944 Attack on "Tirpitz" - The damage inflicted by midget submarines on "Tirpitz" in September 1943 was nearly repaired and the Admiralty decided to launch a Fleet Air Arm attack. A RAF Fortress accounted for "U-417" in the same northern transit area on the 11th. Norway and its people were not liberated until after the German surrender in May 1945. 5th - Submarine seal successfully laid mines in the southern Kattegat on the 4th before being damaged by a German mine. German gunnery training ship brummer was torpedoed and sunk by submarine Sterlet. June 1943 Northern Transit Area - In the waters through which Norwegian-based U-boats had to sail for their patrol areas, two submarines were sunk. Two more British cruisers and nine destroyers left other duties and headed for Norwegian waters. She was finished off two days later by aircraft of Nos 311 (Czech) and 502 Squadrons RAF. 18th - Four days after sinking the Brummer, sterlet was pres umed sunk in the Skagerrak by German anti-submarine trawlers 24th - After four days continuous AA duty off Andalsnes, cruiser Curacoa was b adly damaged by bombs. Another Allied boat was lost twelve days later. December 1941 Lofoten Vaagso Raids - Separate commando raids took place in northern Norway on the Lofoten Islands and further south on Vaagso Island.

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MAY 1942 German Surface Warships - In addition to aircraft and U-boats, the Germans now had "Tirpitz "Admiral Scheer "Lutzow "Hipper" and nearly a dozen big destroyers at Narvik and Trondheim, Norway. Warburton-Lee) with Hardy, Havock, Hostile, Hotspur and Hunter, entered Ofotfiord to attack the German ships assigned to the occupation of Narvik. The British went ashore in the Andalsnes area to try to hold central Norway with the Norwegian Army. 19 Lofoten Islands Raid - A successful Combined Operations commando raid was carried out on the Lofoten Islands, off northwest Norway with installations destroyed and shipping sunk. Norway, oSLO, norway oslo. For political reasons they went ahead. The southern forces and those from Trondheim pushed inland and joined up by the end of the month. April 1941 German Aircraft Attacks - In April 1941, aircraft sank 116 ships of 323,000 tons, the highest rate for any month of the whole war. That evening, German cruiser karlsruhe left Kri stiansand and was torpedoed by submarine Truant. During Home Fleet operations against German shipping off Norway, aircraft of 1771 Squadron from fleet carrier "Implacable" drove "U-1060" ashore near Namsos on the 27th. 17th - Heavy cruiser Suffolk bombarded installations at Stavanger, but on her return was badly damaged by Ju-88 bombers eskorte rogaland naken i solarium and barely made Scapa Flow with her stern awash. Six left for northern Norway towed by 'S' or 'T' class submarines. 1944 february 1944 Norway - Norwegian resistance fighters sank a cargo of heavy water bound for Germany for nuclear research. Both summer and winter routes were close to good German bases in Norway from which U-boats, aircraft and surface ships could operate. 1943 february 1943 "U"-class submarine "uredd" of the Royal Norwegian Navy was sunk off Norway on the 24th. 13th - Second Battle of Narvik - Battleship Warspite and nine destroyers were sent into the Narvik fiords to finish off the remaining German ships. Current rating:.00, current rating:.58, no rating yet! July 1940 British Home Fleet submarines carried out patrols off the coast of southwest Norway, but with heavy losses in July. The British ships were soon overwhelmed and sunk, but not before Acasta hit Scharnhorst with a torpedo. December 1944 In Norwegian waters one U-boat was lost in a RAF raid and another by collision off the Lofoten Islands. Escorts, available NOW for immediate booking: BD SM Transsexual Escort, check All Our BD SM Transsexual Escort Directory Selection From All Over The World, If You Still Dont Find What You Want, Use Our. Carrier Glorious flew off obsolescent Gladiator biplanes for shore operations. A Home Fleet cruiser force was detached to attack the German warships in Bergen, but ordered to withdraw. She was damaged earlier by shore batteries in the landings. Southwest of Stavanger, U-1 went to th e bottom after striking a mine. 1942 february 1942 German Surface Warships - Pocket battleship "Admiral Scheer" and heavy cruiser "Prinz Eugen" sailed to join "Tirpitz" in Norway.

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17th - Cruiser effingham ran aground on an uncharted rock in Vestfiord carrying troops to Bodo to help block the German advance on Narvik. On the same day submarine thistle on patrol off Utsira failed in an attack on U-4. Neither of these operations proved possible and on the 27th April the decision was taken to pull out of central Norway. The convoys were discontinued in April 1940. Four ships were sunk and others damaged.

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More than 20 submarines, including three French and one Polish took up positions. Conditions with the Russian convoys were at the very least difficult. Trying to make for neutral Sweden on the surface, she was attacked and captured off The Skaw by German air and sea patrols. Capt Bernard Warburton-Lee RN was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross. Both dropped their charges under or near the battleship before they sank and some of their crews escaped. Submarine "Truculent" on anti-U-boat patrol between Norway and Iceland sank "U-308" north of the Faeroe Islands on the 4th. The Luftwaffe's long-range aircraft were now flying from bases in Norway as well as France. Current rating:.50, no rating yet! Warship types Royal Navy Allied Navies German Navy Carriers 1 - - Cruisers 2 - 3 Destroyers 7 2 10 Submarines 4 1 4 Totals th - Five days after the sinking of Glorious, aircraft from Ark Royal attacked the damaged Scharnhorst in Trondheim but. The aim was to destroy installations and sank and capture shipping. Thirty U-boats patrolled off Norway and British bases, but throughout the campaign they suffered from major torpedo defects. Flying in difficult conditions from Russian bases near Archangel on the 15th, the Lancasters managed to get one hit in spite of the usual smokescreens.